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Setting up and assigning Ordinary Hours

To make it easier to comply with pay conditions such as overtime you can specify ordinary hours.

Once you've created a set of ordinary hours, you can apply them to locations or employees. They don't do anything on their own, but can be used as part of pay conditions to trigger overtime and similar penal rates. This is especially useful for Australian employers who need to comply with industry awards.

This setting is available from Management > Ordinary hours.

Because Ordinary Hours require changes to Pay Conditions to work fully, it is recommended discussing changes to your ordinary hours with your implementer.

How are ordinary hours different from standard hours?

Standard Hours define a work pattern for an employee, and are intended to represent an agreed rostering pattern.

Ordinary Hours define when ordinary hours can be worked, and are used to give a range that ordinary time can be worked in.

Someone might have Ordinary Hours of 7AM to 9PM daily, but their standard hours could be set to a variety of times.
Such as 2PM to 10PM (which would be 7 ordinary hours, and 1 hour of overtime from 9PM to 10PM)
Or 9AM-5PM (Which would be 8 ordinary hours).

They might change their standard hours per rostering agreements, but ordinary hours won’t change without a major contract variation.

Inheritance hierarchy for Ordinary Hours

Ordinary Hours will be taken from:

  1. Employee Ordinary hours (if they are defined against the employee record)

  2. Location Ordinary hours (if they are defined for a given location)

  3. Location’s parent’s ordinary hours.

This is to allow for individual variations/variations for groups of employees, or for employees who work on different awards with different defined spans of hours.

Creating Ordinary Hours

In the Management > Ordinary Hours screen you can define ordinary hour sets.

You may need several different sets for your organisation, depending on contracts with employees, or if some branches have different hours.

The Update Ordinary Hours sidebar lets you set Ordinary Hours:

Ordinary Hours

In this example Monday-Friday are 9AM-5PM can be worked as ordinary time, Saturday & Sunday are always overtime.

To set Ordinary Hours change the Start Time & End Time to no longer be 12 AM to 12 AM.
Ordinary hours can run overnight, if you set an end time that is earlier than your start time, this is treated as being on the following day.

Set default Ordinary Hours for your business

Locations can have Ordinary Hours assigned, after creating an ordinary hours set, you should define it against the appropriate location(s) in the Management > Settings > Edit Location screen

Set Ordinary Hours for an employee

If a given employee has defined ordinary hours different from the company/location standard, you can set these under the Employee’s Payroll Information tab.

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