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Setting up MYOB Advanced Payroll Integration

This page is about the ongoing maintenance of MYOB Advanced Payroll integration, once the initial setup has been completed by an MYOB consultant or approved partner.

For an end-to-end white paper that covers the initial setup, see Integrating with Advanced Workforce Management.

Changing defaults for newly created employees

When new employees are synchronised from Advanced Workforce Management to Advanced Payroll, some of their details are set by default.

To change these defaults, go to the Workforce Management Preferences screen (MPAT1010) in Advanced Payroll. The available fields are depend on whether you're running an Australian or New Zealand payroll.



New Zealand

The ACC Levy Exempt field is read-only. To populate it, set up a zero-rated ACC levy code on the ACC Rates screen (MPPP3011).

Mapping Workforce Management pay items to pay types

Employees' pay types in Workforce Management are brought into Advanced Payroll against corresponding pay items. If you have changed your pay types or items you may need to update these settings in one or both systems.

Advanced Workforce Management

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Pay Types
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the pay type that needs to come through to Advanced Payroll.
  3. Enter the Advanced Payroll pay item ID into the External Mapping field.
  4. If you'd like to use the rate from Advanced Payroll for the pay item, select the Calculate in Payroll checkbox. Otherwise it will use the rate supplied by Workforce Management.

    Use the Advanced Payroll rate for all NZ leave. Advanced Payroll will use its own rate for FBAPS leave regardless of whether this box is ticked. To help make sure your leave rates comply with the Holidays Act, we also recommend you tick this box for your annual leave pay types.

Advanced Payroll

  1. Go to the Pay Items screen (MPPP2210), then the Additional info tab.
  2. Select the Available to Workforce Management checkbox to make the pay item available as a pay type in Workforce Management.
  3. In New Zealand, select the Indicates working day checkbox if time associated with this pay item should be treated as a working day. This is only available for pay items with the "Income" type.

Mapping leave types to entitlements

Leave types in MYOB Advanced Workforce Management are mapped to entitlements in Advanced Payroll.

  1. In Advanced Workforce Management, go to Management > Settings > Leave Types.
  2. Select Advanced Payroll entitlement to map to as theService Type.


For Australian companies, only entitlements with units in Hours are supported for integration with MYOB Advanced WFM at present.

Mapping cost centres to subaccounts

You can map MYOB Advanced Workforce Management cost centres to subaccounts MYOB Advanced Payroll by setting up a data map on the Data Maps screen (MPPP7020). To make this process easier, use the Export CSV button on the Cost Centres screen in MYOB Advanced WFM to export a list of cost centres. You can then edit the list to add columns for subaccount mappings and import it into the Data Maps screen.

See the Importing Timesheets whitepaper for more information on data mapping.

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