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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.9 July 2023

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.9 includes new options to make qualifications, expenses, and shift tasks more useful, along with some improvements to our pay engine so it can accomodate a wider range of situations.

What's new?

Report on shift task durations

To help you track how much time is being spent on shift tasks, we've updated the Shift Task Summary Report to include the allocated hours.

For more information on shift tasks, see Adding and reviewing shift tasks.

Track when expenses have been paid

To give you better visibility over your expenses, you can now mark them as Paid, in addition to the existing Pending, Approved, and Declined statuses.

To mark an expense as paid, go to the Expense Requests screen, and click Mark as Paid (

). Your employee will be able to see the expense has been paid in the Advanced Teams mobile app.

For more information on expense claims, see:

Filter your roster by qualifications and other requirements

To make it easier for you to schedule employees with the right skills, you can now filter your roster to see shifts staffed by employees with specific employee requirements.

To do this, go to the Roster screen, and click Filters (

), then click Add Requirement. You can filter by as many requirements as you like – the roster screen will show shifts staffed by employees with any of those requirements.

For more information on requirements and filtering your roster, see:

Pay rules engine improvements – Overtime and Work Types

To give MYOB Advanced Workforce Management consultants the ability to set up more robust and flexible pay rules, we've added some more options to our pay rules engine:

  • We've made it possible to allocate overtime to working days more flexibly, so that it isn't assigned incorrectly to public holidays.
  • You can now assign multiple work types to a timesheet, to be processed by your pay rules.

If you think these new options could be useful to you, contact your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management support person.

What's fixed?

We've fixed a variety of issues and made some minor corrections corrections to the user interface, including the following:

Mobile app – Managers with custom permissions unable to see the Leave & Availability tile.Fixed
Mobile app – Some users were unable to see the approve and decline leave request buttons without the appropriate permission (using them would give an error).Fixed
View Leave Requests permission was only giving users access to their own requests, not others they had access to.Fixed
Asterisk symbols were missing from mandatory fields across various screens, including onboarding, termination, new employee and user-defined forms.These have been made consistent across all screens
Incorrect names appearing in the Completed by column on the Shift Task Summary Report.Fixed
Unassociated shifts not filtering correctly when changing locations on the Timesheets screen.Fixed
Notifications remaining for a location when access is removed.Fixed
Archived locations appearing in notification settings.Fixed
No claims displayed when the Expense Claims screen is filtered by Status.Fixed
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