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Claiming your expenses

You can claim your work-related expenses in MYOB Advanced Workforce Management using the My Profile section of the MYOB Advanced Workforce Management website, or in the MYOB Advanced Teams mobile app. Once you've submitted your claims, they'll go to your manager for approval, and then to payroll to be paid.

In addition to submitting claims, you can track their progress and cancel them if you need to.

Web app

Submitting an expense claim
  1. Click on your name on the upper right part of the screen and click My Profile.

  2. Click on the Expenses tab.

  3. Click on the Submit Expense Request button. This will display the Expense Request window.

  4. Complete the necessary details and upload copy of receipts or relevant documents, then click Save.

Your expense claim will be sent to your manager for approval. You will be notified by email if/when your claim is approved or declined.

You can edit or delete your expense claim by clicking the Edit or Delete buttons while your expenses are still "Pending".

Mobile app

If you can't access expense features in the MYOB Advanced Team app, they may not have been set up in your company.

Submitting an expense claim

To submit a new expense claim:

  1. Tap the Expenses tile on your dashboard.

  2. Tap New request.
    The New Request screen opens.

  3. Enter all of the required details, including these fields:

    • Expense Type: Choose from the options set up by your business.

    • Requesting Expense From: Select a date from the calendar for when the expense occurred.

    • Amount: Enter the amount of the expense.

    • Notes: Enter any notes or descriptions of what the expense was used for.

    • Supporting document: Add a supporting document for this expense request, e.g. a receipt. You can attach a file from your device, or use your camera to photograph the document.

  4. Click Next. A confirmation screen appears.

  5. If everything is correct, click Submit (otherwise click Back to go back and change the details).

The new expense appears on the Expenses screen. Tap the request to see more detail.

Cancelling or updating an expense claim

You can only delete or edit expense claims with the Pending status. If the claim has already been actioned, check with your manager or payroll administrator.

  1. Tap the Expenses tile on your dashboard. A list of expense claims is displayed.

  2. Tap the request you need to cancel or change to see more details.

  3. To change the request details, tap Edit request, make your changes, then tap Next and Submit to save.

  4. Click Cancel request to delete the request.

Checking your expense claims
  1. Tap the Expenses tile on your dashboard. A list of expense claims is displayed.

  2. Check the the status at the top-right of the expense claim to see what's happening with it:

    • Pending – Yet to be approved or rejected by your manager. You can still edit pending requests.

    • Accepted – Accepted by your manager, and will be paid.

    • Rejected – Rejected by your manager.

    • Paid – Accepted and processed by payroll.

  3. Tap a request to see more details.

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