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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.8 June 2023

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.8 includes a new feature to make the onboarding process more powerful and flexible and an improvement to demand-based rostering, alongside some other smaller improvements and bug fixes.

What's new?

Smoother and more flexible employee onboarding with MYOB Advanced Payroll

To make it quicker to onboard different types of employees when using MYOB Advanced Payroll, you can now select an Employee profile when sending an invite.

Once the employee completes their onboarding information, the employee profile fills out many of the settings in MYOB Advanced Payroll for you, saving you time and effort.

For more information on employee onboarding, see Sending and monitoring an onboarding invite.

Requires MYOB Advanced Payroll 2022.2.200 We're adding the ability to create employee profiles in MYOB Advanced Payroll 2022.2.200, scheduled to be released at the end of June. Once it's released, you'll find more information on the Release notes page.

Take existing shifts into account when using demand rostering

To make demand rostering useful in a wider range of situations, we've added an Include existing shifts option to the Apply Roster Template screen.

When set to Yes, applying a demand roster template will take into account any shifts already on the roster, only adding additional shifts as needed to meet the demand requirements.

For more information on demand-based rosters, see Using a demand-based roster template.

Roll back finalised pay runs to draft

To give you more flexibility and make it easier to correct errors, you can now roll back finalised pay runs to draft status using the new Rollback to Draft button on the Initial Pay Run screen in finalised pay runs.

For more information, see Creating and finalising pay runs.

Allocate time to shift tasks

To give you more control over the tasks assigned to employees during shifts, you can now allocate time to tasks by filling out the Minute Allocated field in the Edit Shift panel.

For more information on shift tasks, see:

Resend onboarding invites

To make it easier to sort out onboarding problems, you can now resend emails to new employees who didn't receive one (or when it gets lost in their spam folders!).

To resend an invite, go to Management > Employees, filter for Onboarding employees, and click the email icon (

) at the right.

You can only resend invites to onboarding employees who haven't created their MYOB Advanced Workforce Management account. If the icon isn't showing, it means they've started filling out the form – those users should be able to reset their password using the email address they registered with.

What's fixed?

We've fixed a variety of issues and made some minor corrections corrections to the user interface, including the following:

Employees getting incorrect Medicare levy validation errors when filling out onboarding forms.Resolved – Employees can fill out their onboarding forms correctly.

Errors when synchronising newly onboarded employees with Zone Rebates to MYOB Advanced Payroll.

Resolved – Employees with Zone rebates can now sync correctly.
Employees unable to complete onboarding when selecting a featured super fund.Resolved – Employeres can now select featured super funds and complete onboarding.
Residency status not mandatory during onboarding despite Proof of citizenship required setting set to "True"Resolved – Residency status will not be a mandatory field.
Able to enter negative values on Employer Contribution field, which are passed through to the integrated payroll system.Resolved – You can no longer enter negative values in this field.
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