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Adding and reviewing shift tasks

Adding tasks to shifts helps you make sure that the right work gets done when it's supposed to. Tasks act as a checklist, so the employee working the shift can see them and mark them as complete once they're finished.

You can add one-off tasks to individual shifts, or include regular tasks on shift templates or repeat shifts so they will go on the roster automatically.

Adding or deleting shift tasks
  1. Go to the Roster screen.
  2. Add a new shift (
    ) or edit an existing shift (
    ). For more information, see Creating a roster and assigning shifts.
  3. In the New Shift or Edit Shift panel, click Add new Task.
  4. Enter a Task Title.
  5. To allocate time to the task, enter the number of minutes into the Minute Allocated field.
  6. To add multiple tasks, press Enter after each one.
  7. To delete a task, click the bin icon (
  8. Once you've added all the tasks you need, click Save.
Reviewing completed shift tasks
  1. Go to the Roster screen.
  2. Click a published shift with a task assigned to it to view the shift details.

     Shifts with tasks assigned show an icon (

    ) at the top-right.

  3. Click View Task. The Shift tasks panel opens, with a list of the tasks assigned to the shift.
    Completed tasks show when they were completed and by whom.
  4. If needed, update any shift tasks:
    • To mark a task as done, click Complete task (
    • To undo a complete task, click Mark as incomplete (
Reporting on shift tasks

You can report on shift tasks using the Shift Task Summary Report. The available data includes the duration, the employees (assigned and completed), and the dates.

To run the report:

  1. Go to Management > Reporting > Employee.
  2. Click the Shift Task Summary report.
  3. Select a date range.
  4. Click Submit to run the report.
  5. To analyse the data further, click Export CSV and open the file using Microsoft Excel.
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