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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.6 March 2023

What's new?

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.6 adds the ability to assign tasks to shifts along with better ways to view and manage your roster. It also adds the ability easily manage bulk pay rate changes, just in time for the April 1 minimum wage change in New Zealand.

Shift tasks and notes

To help you set shift expectations, you can now add checklists of tasks to shifts, which can be marked as complete by the employee or roster manager.

You can also include tasks on your shift templates, to make sure those regular staff duties are carried out.

For more information on shift tasks and notes, see:

Secondary grouping on rosters

To give you a better look at your roster, you can now apply a secondary grouping to the roster view. This lets you sort your view across multiple categories.

For example to see the the shifts for each employee broken down by location, choose by Employee for the primary grouping, and Location for the secondary.

You can't drag and drop shifts when using the secondary grouping – the view is primarily intended for viewing completed rosters.

For more information about using the roster screen, see Navigating the Roster screen

Bulk edit series of repeating shifts

To make it quicker to update your standard shift patterns, you can now edit series of repeat shifts in bulk. When editing a shift that is part of a repeated series, you'll get a prompt asking you which shifts to apply the changes to.

For more information, see Creating a roster and assigning shifts.

Improved visibility of remaining hours on the roster

To make it easier to quickly see which employees have standard hours remaining for the period, we've added some more improvements to the roster screen.

First, to give you more useful figures, you can now include approved leave in employees' remaining hours when displaying Remaining Hours from the Costing details display options menu (


Then, so you can more easily see who has hours remaining, we've added the ability to filter employees on the roster by remaining hours. Access this new feature from Roster Filters (


Shift requirement icons

To make it easier to make sure your shifts are covered by staff with first-aid certificates and other important requirements, you can now add icons to your requirements.

The icon then displays on the roster against shifts staffed by employees who meet that requirement.

For more information on shift requirements, see:

Pay rate improvements to support NZ minimum wage increase – New employee filter and bulk updating

To help you easily manage pay rate changes that affect multiple employees (such as the New Zealand minimum wage changes from 1 April) we've added a pay rate filter to Management > Employees, as well as the ability to bulk edit employee pay rates.

April 1 minimum wage change NZ  If you want t o change employee's pay rates part-way through a pay period, you'll need to do things in the right order. For more information, see Updating minimum wage rates part-way through a pay period - NZ.

For more information bulk updating employees, see How do I update multiple employees' details in bulk? 

Receive notifications from direct reports

So your managers only get the notifications they need, you can now choose to receive notifications from all direct reports, regardless of the location they're working at. Previously you could only choose by location, which meant either missing notifications from direct reports or getting unneeded notifications from employees who don't report to you.

Go to the Notification Settings tab on employee records to enable the new notification options for your managers.

For more information, see Notification settings.

What's fixed?

This release we've fixed a number of low-impact issues. If you need an update about a specific issue, contact your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management consultant.

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