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Notification settings

The Notification Settings tab in your employee record lets you choose when you will receive email notifications about events like leave requests and unavailability changes. They are sent to the email address listed in the Employment details section of the Personal Information tab on your employee record.

You can choose which groups of employees you will be notified for, and what events trigger notifications for each group. Together, these give a lot of flexibility, so you can keep fully up to date with the employees most relevant to you, while still getting the most important stuff from across the business.

To receive notifications, you need to have access to at least one location with permission group Manager or above. For more information, see How do I assign location access permissions to an employee?.

Updating notification settings
  1. Go to Management > Employees.
  2. Click on a name to open the employee record.
  3. Go to the Notification Settings tab.
  4. Click Edit Notification Settings.
    The toggle switches are now editable.
  5. Update the toggle switches to the settings you require.
  6. Click Update Notification Settings to save your changes, or Cancel to discard them.

Notification groups

You can choose to receive different notifications for employees at each location, as well as two special groups.

Receive notification from all direct reports – For notifications for employees who are your direct reports in the Reporting Heirarchy tab. This is useful for keeping up with your team when they work across multiple locations, as you'll receive these notifications regardless of whether you have manager access to the location your direct reports are working at.

Receive notification from all locations – This is for when you want notifications about all employees at the company. Setting any notifications from this group is likely to generate a large number of emails.

Notification triggers

There are a range of different events which can trigger notifications.

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