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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.13 November 2023

In version 9.13, we're very excited about the work we've done under the hood to improve and simplify compliance with modern awards in Australia. In New Zealand, these changes will also make it far easier to pay employees for overtime and other penal rates, especially in industries with collective employment agreements.

These changes are the first big steps towards more robust support of specific awards. To see if they can have an immediate benefit to your company, contact your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management support person.

What's new?

Agreements – a better way to manage leave, pay condition and award settings

Agreements are an easy way to group up packages of settings to simplify your onboarding and employee setup processes. For Australia, they'll make it easier to implement industry awards.

Once an employee is assigned to an agreement (either through their profile or during onboarding) only settings available as part of that agreement will be available. Agreements control these settings:

  • Pay conditions (formerly pay rules)
  • Leave entitlements (formerly leave rules)
  • Employment type
Ordinary hours – Simplify penal rate setup

To make it easier to comply with pay conditions such as overtime you can now specify ordinary hours.

Once you've created a set of ordinary hours, you can apply them to locations or employees. They don't do anything on their own, but can be used as part of pay conditions (formerly pay rules) to trigger overtime and similar penal rates. This is especially useful for Australian employers who need to comply with industry awards.

This setting is available from Management > Ordinary hours. If you think ordinary hours can improve your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management site, contact your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management support person.

Bulk decline leave applications by type – Manage availability over the holidays

To make it easier to manage periods where you don't allow leave or unavailability (for example for the holiday sales period) you can now decline grouped leave requests (including unavailability) in bulk.

This functionality was previously only available to ungrouped requests.

New timeclock browser app

We've added a new timeclock app for your on-location clocking needs.

To see the new app, go to Management > Settings > New Clock Device for Browsers.

The new app is easier to move between locations. It needs its own userID to log in, so contact your MYOB support person if you're interested in switching.

The legacy clock app will continue to work.

To get started, see Setting up a time clock.

GPS clock-in alerts

To help make sure your employees are in the right place at the right time, you can now setup timesheet alerts for when employees clock in further away from home base than you're expecting.

These use the geolocation features already in the mobile app – you can set how far away the employees can be before an alert is triggered.

Setting up a location for geofencing

What's fixed?


Alignment issues on Variance by Location, Weekly Forecast vs Actual and Variance By Cost Centre report columns.

Closed some potential risks to the security of uploaded files.Fixed.
Assorted issues with the input labels on the login screen.Fixed.
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