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Setting up a location for geofencing

Geofencing makes it easy to check your employees are clocking in the right place, by turning on the feature for your locations, and assigning GPS coordinates to them.

Each location can either have its own GPS coordinates assigned, or it can inherit them from its parent location. To make this process easier, start with your company's main location first, then work your way down the location hierarchy.

Once you've set up the locations, add the new Clock Entry Exceeds Geofencing Threshhold alert to automatically flag timesheets when employees clock in from too far away. For more information, see Managing alerts.

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Locations and click Edit (
    ) on the location you want to edit.
  2. To use the same GPS coordinates as the parent location, select Inherit geofencing settings from parent. This setting is enabled by default.
    Geofencing settings in locations menu, if not vsibile untick the inherit settings from parent option.
  3. To give the location its own coordinates, first deselect Inherit geofencing settings from parent, then enter the Latitude and Longitude. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Type them in manually.
    • Click and drag the map until the pin is in the right spot.
    • Click Set to browser location to use your computer's location.
    • Find your address using Search Nearest Location bar.
  4. Select Enable geofencing at this location.
  5. Enter the acceptable clock-in distance in the Treshhold (metres) field.
    This value is used for alerts.
  6. Click Save.


How do I see the geofencing distance calculations?

To see how far away the employee was when they recorded the clock event, go to Manage Time, and bring up a timesheet. The distance is shown below the time (in red if it exceeds the threshhold!).

This example also shows the geofencing alert.

Example of company with geofencing with alerts turned on
Why isn't the distance calculation correct?

If the distance isn't correct, check the employee was clocking in at the right location.

The distance calculation is based on the location the employee chooses to clock in or out at, not the location the shift is assigned to.

Why is the distance calculation showing "No distance calculated"?

This message displays when geofencing is not turned on. Check the location (or its parent location) is set up correctly.

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