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Managing permission groups

This page is about creating, editing, and deleting permission groups to control what your users can see and do.

Can't onboard new hires? In version 8.5 (April 2022) we added a new View permission groups option that is required to send new onboarding invitations. To restore access to members of custom permission groups, add the new permission to any groups that need it.

It is strongly recommended that "View own employee profile" is given to all custom permission groups.

Creating or editing a permission group
  1. Go to Management > Settings > Manage Permissions.
  2. Click Add new at the top-left to create a new group, or Edit in the right column to update an existing one. The Permission Group window will open.
  3. Enter a name and description for the group.

  4. Select the boxes for the all the functions you want this group to have access to:

  5. Click Save to complete the changes.
Deleting a permission group
  1. Before deleting a permission group, make sure it's not assigned to any employees:
    • To see which permission groups are assigned to users, go to Management > Employees, click the table icon at the top-right, and delect the Permission Group column to add it to your view.
    • To remove the permission group, click the edit button and go to the Location Access tab. If it's the user's only permission group you'll need to replace it with another one.
  2. Go to Management > Settings > Manage Permissions.
  3. Click the Edit in the right column of the permission you want to delete. The Permission Group window will open.
  4. Click Delete at the bottom of the list.

 If you get an "Internal server error" message when deleting a permission group, it means it's still assigned to one or more employees. Go back to Management > Employees to double check.

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