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How to set up mobile clocking

The mobile clocking feature allows employees to use the MYOB Advanced Team app to clock in and out from their own personal mobile device instead of a communal on-site clocking device - see Clocking in and out for more information.

Employees who use the mobile clocking feature:

  • will not need to know their PIN
  • will only need a photo verification if you have chosen to enable this feature
  • can navigate between locations in the mobile app where relevant

If you have administrator level access or higher, you can enable and set up mobile clocking by selecting Management > Settings > Mobile Clocking.

You are taken to the Mobile Clocking Settings screen: 

  • Enable mobile clocking - By default, the mobile clocking feature is inactive. To enable this feature, change this toggle to "Yes",
  • Enabled for: - Choose if you would like this feature enabled for all employee positions or only specific positions. If you would like to enable this feature only for specific employee positions, click Add position to select the position(s) to enable mobile clocking for from a dropdown list.
  • Enable mobile clocking photos - Change this toggle to "Yes" to allow employees to take a photo of themselves when clocking in via the app.
  • Enable clock in questions - Change this toggle to "Yes" to be able to ask employees questions as they clock in via the app - see Setting up and reporting on clock questions for more information.
  • Enable shift enjoyment - Change this toggle to "Yes" to let employees rate their shift as good, neutral or bad when they clock out via the app. You must then set the Frequency for how often users are asked to rate their shift: Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often or Always.

Click Save when you are done.



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