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Clocking in and out

Clocking in and out on a shared timeclock

The MYOB Advanced Workforce Management timeclock app is a simple web-based PIN system, that can be used on almost any device. You may be asked to take a clock-in photo.

  1. Enter your employee PIN into the timeclock.

  2. Tap an icon to clock in or out from your shift, or start or end your break.

  3. If your company requires clock-in pictures, look into the device's camera.

When you have finished clocking in or out, or signing into or out of your break, the timeclock will briefly display the time then reset, ready for someone else to clock in.

Clocking in and out on the mobile app

If it's been enabled for your company, you can use the MYOB Advanced Team app to clock in. You may be asked to take a clock-in photo or answer questions about your shift.

  1. Tap the Clock in/out tile on your home screen.
    The shift you are clocking in or out of is displayed at the top of the page.

  2. Tap a button to clock in or out from your shift or break:

    • Clock in

    • Clock out

    • Start break

    • End break


      The first time you use this feature, you will need to grant the app access to your device's location.

  3. At the prompt, confirm your action.

  4. Depending on how your workplace is set up, you may be asked for more information:

    • If prompted for a clock-in photo, click Take photo and continue clocking in.

    • If you're asked any clock-in questions, answer them by selecting Yes or No, or entering text, then tapping Submit & clock-in.

    • If you're asked to rate your shift, tap the happy, neutral or sad face to enter a rating, or tap Skip.
      The purpose of this rating is to gather general information on how people are feeling at their workplace. Employers will never be provided with your individual response - instead, they will form part of wider trends that may help enact positive changes where necessary.

Once you've clocked in or out, the time is displayed. Tap Done to return to the home screen.

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