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How do I cost/re-cost shifts?

As a manager with finance, you have the choice to have your roster cost right after you build out shifts.

  1. Click the Roster link on your dashboard.
  2. On the Roster screen, after you have plotted your shifts, to cost shifts and/or recost shifts to see updated costings, click the ... button, then Cost.

Costs are displayed for each shift, with totals displayed on the header for each row and column.

If there is a change to any of the shifts, you may need to click Cost again for the shifts costing to be updated.

If you do not see any costs, make sure the Show Costings option is selected on the Roster screen - see Navigating the Roster screen. If you do not see costs for individual employees, make sure that their Display costing option is set to "Yes" - see Why aren't costs displaying for a staff member?




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