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How do I add work types?

As a manager, you can add work types by going to the Settings section and then go to Work Type Settings page.

  1. From the dashboard go to Management > Settings.
  2. Click the Work Type tile.
  3. You will be redirected to Work Types page, where you can see all available work types. To add a work type, click the Add new button.
  4. Enter details on the window that appears:
  5. Click the Save button.


Service Type

Work Types do not directly integrate to Advanced Payroll or PayGlobal at this time. As such the Service Type field should be left blank.

What's the purpose of a Work Type?

Work types allow you to easily mark that a shift includes extra duties or allowances. They also serve 2 special purposes relating to Work Flows in Advanced Workforce Management.

  1. Minimum Breaks.  - The Automatic Break function requires a Minimum Break work type be configured.
  2. Public Holiday not Worked.  - In order for Public Holidays to pay out correctly when an employee is not working (either due to Leave, or to not having a shift that day due to closure/short staffing) a Public Holiday not Worked work Type must be configured.

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