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How do I add work types to unassociated shifts?

As a manager with access to Manage Time you may need to add a work type to an unassociated shift after completing the shift.

You would need to do this if for example an employee forgets to clock in/out for a scheduled shift and this happened to fall on a Public Holiday which would require a specific Work Type to be added.

  1. Navigate to the Time section from your dashboard, click on the Unassociated Shifts and Clock Entries heading and review these entries.
  2. Before you can add a work type to shift, you will need to complete it (if you are certain the employee worked the full shift). Select the timesheet and click Complete:
  3. Once completed, the shift moves to the Timesheets section above. Open the shift by clicking the employee's name and clicking the edit (pencil) icon.
  4. The Timesheet Details screen appears. Enter the required details, select the appropriate work type from the Work Type dropdown and click Save.

The work type has now been selected for the unassociated shift. You can proceed with approving the shift.


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