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Processing public holidays not worked - Australia

This article is for Australia only for all employees who work full or part time.

Ensure that all of your Public Holidays have been added into MYOB Workforce Management. See Checking and adding public holidays for further information on how to add any Public Holidays if needed.

Using Standard Hours

Add all of your standard hours into the schedule (see How do I add employees' standard hours to the Roster? for further information), and edit all employees that are not working to add the work type "Public Holiday not Worked". To do this, click on the relevant shift in the schedule and click Edit.

On the Shift Details window, click Show Advanced, and from the Work Type menu, select "Public Holiday not Worked".

The system will then recognise these shifts that are marked as a Public Holiday not Worked, and automatically approve these timesheets.

Not Using Standard Hours

If you do not use standard hours, you will need to manually enter a new shift for all employees that usually work but are not on that particular day.

This can be done from the schedule by clicking the + button in the top right hand corner.

You then need to select the Employee, Position, Location, Shift start & end time and any breaks, and then click Show Advanced and select the "Public Holiday not Worked" work type, as above. This will need to be done for each employee.

For those employees who are working on the public holiday, treat them as normal - payroll rules will pick this up automatically when processing your pay run.



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