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MYOB Advanced holiday payroll guidance

Preparing payroll for the summer holidays can be stressful, as some of the most complicated pays need to be done just when you're trying to get away to the beach and wrap those last few presents!

To make things a bit smoother and give you confidence that your employees will be paid correctly, we've put together guides on some common payroll pain points in MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management.

MYOB Advanced Payroll

Entering summer holiday pay runs in advance

Some companies choose to pay their staff early over Christmas and New Years. MYOB Advanced Payroll does not have an automated workflow to assist with this, but this new page gives some general guidance about entering early pays, and then reconciling them against actuals.

 Managing public holidays NEW ZEALAND ONLY

This white paper discusses how to use MYOB Advanced Payroll to process pay for public holidays in New Zealand companies.

Processing terminations: Notional public holidays NEW ZEALAND ONLY

When employment ends, an employees are paid for any public holidays in the period covered by their unused annual leave. These are called notional public holidays.

This page explains how to make sure these are paid correctly.

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management

How to add public holidays

Use this page to check the public holidays are entered into your system, including their alternate dates, where relevant.

Processing public holidays not worked AUSTRALIA ONLY

This page explains how to use shifts and work types to make sure your employees are paid for the public holidays they take off.

Processing public holidays NEW ZEALAND ONLY

This page explains how to set up your standard hours, shifts, and work types so that public holiday pay rates and alternative holiday accruals are correctly calculated. Checking your employees' standard hours is particularly important in the 2022-23 season, to make sure that the tuesdayised holidays are recognised correctly.

2022-23 summer public holiday reference NEW ZEALAND ONLY

Due to the particularly complex nature of the tuesdayised holidays (Christmas and New Year's Day) this summer, these tables expand on our processing public holidays page with the settings and expected outcomes for both the calendar and tuesdayised holiday dates.


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