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2022.2.201 Release notes

The 2022.2.201 hotfix focuses on New Zealand payroll, with support for the latest SLICR guidance, improved timesheet import performance, and improved logic in annual leave rollovers.

New features

MYOB Advanced Payroll

Improved compliance with new SLICR guidelines (New Zealand only)

We've updated the Compulsory extra deduction rate % field for SLICR in the Taxation tab of the Pay Details form to match the way these rates are now being communicated in letters by the IRD.

For example, the previous rate of 8.330 is now expressed as a simple percentage: 1.000 percent.

All previous SLICR rates will be updated to the new format.

Timesheet import performance improvements (New Zealand and Australia)

We've updated our timesheet import process in the background, making it more efficient and faster.

In New Zealand, we've also improved the way the work schedule interacts with timesheet imports, improving speed even more.

MYOB Advanced Platform

Improved performance, platform-wide

We've updated some of the core MYOB Advanced code to improve the underlying performance, platform-wide.


Resolved issues

MYOB Advanced Payroll


Resolved the issue where, in limited situations, employees were being credited with more than the expected number of weeks of annual leave on the anniversary.

To resolve this, the Leave Taken in Advance value has been fixed so that it no longer takes prior year leave into account, regardless of whether the Cap accrual Per period setting is on or off.

In addition, adjustments to pays with "Normal Payment in Advance" included, no longer include the "Adjusted - Normal Payment in Advance" amount in the calculation of total accrual paid in advance.

For more information, see Reviewing your annual leave anniversaries - New Zealand.

MYOB Advanced Platform

We've ironed out some problems with secure authentication rules so that it works as intended. This applies both to sites using MYOB's secure authentication system, and those using Azure AD.

AU and NZImproved authentication logic to ensure that the use of secure authentication is always enforced according to the site settings. Previously it was possible, in certain circumstances, to login with just the username and password even when Enforce Secure authentication was turned on.
AU and NZWe've fixed the secure authentication email that is sent to new users. Previously this was not pairing their secure authentication login to their username in Advanced.
AU and NZWe've made it so that all users who have signed up for secure authentication must always sign in through secure authentication. They will not be able to sign in using a standard username/password combination.



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