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Unable to email pay slips using SMTP


More and more internet service providers (ISPs) including Xtra (now called Spark) and Farmside, require a username and password when sending emails using SMTP. If your ISP requires this kind of SMTP authorisation, you won't be able to use the option Send using SMTP when emailing pay slips.

Instead, you will need to select a different option when emailing pay slips:

  • select the option Send via Outlook 2013 or above. This also allows you to select the option Display each email before sending, and you won't need to enter anything in SMTP server or Reply address. Then just click Next and email.
  • Alternatively, select the option Send via Email software. This will email your pay slips via Outlook 2010 or earlier. Other email programs may work, but they're not tested or supported with MYOB Payroll.

If the above options aren't suitable, you can save your pay slips as PDFs then email them manually.

To save pay slips as PDFs

  1. Click Next on the Email settings window (shown above).
  2. Click the ellipsis button (...) and select where you want to save the PDFs.
  3. Click the PDF button.

You can now email the PDFs to your employees using your email program.

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