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Payroll reports


This page describes the reports available in Payroll and when it is recommended to use these reports.

There are 2 menus which allow a variety of reports to be printed:

  • Reports Menu: This displays all the available reports which are not related to the current pay in progress.
  • Payroll Menu: This displays all reports that could relate to the current pay in progress. The reports listed under the Payroll menu relate to your current active pay run so can't be used if you don't currently have an active pay.

For additional analysis options, pay history can be exported as a CSV (comma separated) file which can be opened in most spreadsheet programs, for example Microsoft Excel. Refer to the help in Excel about opening CSV files.

For details on how to print reports, see the Payroll user guide.

What reports to print and when to print them

ReportWhen to print
IRD Remittance Advice (IR 345)End of each PAYE period
Employer Monthly Schedule (IR 348)End of month
IRD ScheduleEnd of year
  • Pay Audit Trail
  • Pay Code Totals
  • Holiday Accruals
End of year (recommended)
  • Employee Audits
  • Employee Holidays
  • Employee Sick Leave
  • Employee Alternative Holidays
End of Year (optional)
  • Apprentice Hours Reports
  • Current Employees
  • Department List
  • Employee Details
  • Maintenance Audit
  • Period Reports
  • Employee Addresses
  • Employee Balances
When required
Employee StatisticsWhen requested by Statistics NZ
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