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Negative holiday pay balance



There are two possible reasons why the Holiday Pay balance is a negative figure: Paid in error or Holiday Anniversary Update not being carried out. See below for more details and solutions.


Holiday pay paid in error

It is likely that an employee has been paid annual leave using the Holiday Pay (HP) code in error, thereby reducing the balance of the employee's holiday pay. When the system completes a Holiday Anniversary Update, the Holiday Pay balance should return to zero. If any annual leave amounts have been paid as Holiday Pay the balance will be negative by this amount. To check whether this has occurred, run a Period Report by Employee/Paycode (Summary) and select only the Holiday Pay code (go to the Reports menu and choose Period Reports then choose by Employee/Paycode (Summary)).

The report will show any amounts that have been paid as Holiday Pay. The Maintenance Audit report by Employee is also useful, as this will show when Holiday Pay balances were changed by the user and by the system update. To run this report, go to the Reports menu and choose Maintenance Audit then select the Employee option.

If this scenario applies in your situation, see our support note Fixing holiday pay paid in error.

Holiday Anniversary Update not carried out when prompted

If the Holiday Anniversary Update has not been completed on time, in other words when prompted to do so, then a problem with the leave will occur. If a Holiday Anniversary Update is due, and a pay is finalised before the Holiday Anniversary Update is completed, then the balances of both the Annual Leave and the Holiday Pay can be affected.

It is important to carry out your Holiday Anniversary Updates when prompted, in other words prior to the next pay being entered. For more information on preventing this in the future, see the following support note Holiday anniversary updates. To correct the issue this time, you will need to restore a backup you took of your payroll prior to updating the holiday anniversary date. For help with this, see our support note Restoring your company file.
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