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Moving casual employees to full-time or part-time


To move a casual employee to full or part-time, you'll need to create a new employee record for them. This is because of the way the Holidays Act works, whereby annual leave is calculated on whichever is greater out of the Average Weekly Earnings or the Ordinary Weekly Pay. The Average Weekly Earnings is based on the last 52 weeks, and this will still be used by Payroll if you use the employee's original record. For more information on how annual leave payments work, visit the Department of Labour website.

If you need to increase your employee's normal hours (and not their employment basis), see Increasing an employee's Normal Hours per week.


To set up the new employee record
  1. Go to the Maintenance command centre and click Maintain Employees.
  2. Click New. The New Employee window appears.
  3. Enter the Employee Code, First Names and Last Name.
  4. In the Copy the following information from Employee Code field, enter the employee's original Employee Code.
  5. Select all 4 options to copy the Personal details, Employment details, Next of Kin details, and Pay defaults.
  6. Click OK. The new employee record is created.
  7. Click the Leave Details tab and specify the following based on the employee's new contract: Normal days/week Normal hours/day Next Holiday Anniversary Date (this should be 1 year from the commencement of their new full-time/part-time contract)
  8. Click the Other Leave tab, and under Sick Leave specify the following: Next Sick Leave Anniversary Date (this should be 6 months from the new contract commencement date) Maximum Sick Leave Entitlement (e.g. 20 days) Annual Sick Leave Entitlement (e.g. 5 days)
  9. If you copied the employee's original Pay Defaults, click the Pay Defaults/Totals tab and change the 1.00 to 0.00 in the quantity column of Holiday Pay (HP pay code).

  10. Click the Qualifications & Notes tab and make a note that the employee moved from a casual employment basis. This is just for your reference.

  11. Click Select Employee and select the original employee code.

  12. Click the Employment Details tab and enter a Finished Date and Reason for Leaving.

What about the employee's Earnings Certificate?

At the end of the payroll year, if the employee wants their Earnings Certificate, you'll need to give them two: one for the casual employment basis, and one for the full-time/part-time employment basis.

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