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ir-File and KiwiSaver


KiwiSaver adds to the amount of information that has to be sent to Inland Revenue each month. Almost all of this information can now be sent to Inland Revenue via ir-File, rather than by paper, especially if you also pay the PAYE, Child Support, Student Loan and KiwiSaver deductions from your employees' wages electronically.

MYOB Payroll has been designed to take full advantage of ir-File. We strongly recommend registering for ir-File, as this is the simplest and most efficient way to comply with Inland Revenue filing requirements.

See Filing to Inland Revenue for more information.

The only information that must still be sent by paper is Employer Monthly Schedule (EMS) amendments. If these are small Inland Revenue can be advised of these by phone.

The following procedure should be adopted each month:

  1. At the end of each month:
    • print the EMS in summary format for your own records. In addition to creating the EMS file for ir-filing, this will now also produce a KED file containing information on all employees joining KiwiSaver. It replaces the need to file any KS1 forms to Inland Revenue.
    • (also in the middle of the month for large employers), print the Inland Revenue Remittance for your own records. MYOB Payroll will produce an EDF file in the same location as the EMS & KED files, if a direct credit file is produced for electronically paying the PAYE to Inland Revenue. Choose this option even if you do not need the direct credit file, for example because you pay using on-line banking. The EDF file contains the same information as the IR345/6. If the EDF file is ir-filed and the payment is paid electronically, nothing needs to be sent to Inland Revenue. Negative amounts on the Employer Monthly Schedule and the Inland Revenue Remittance will be included in the respective files as zeros. Inland Revenue doesn't accept negative numbers.

  2. If you are manually filling the Inland Revenue supplied EMS or the IR345 and IR346, negative figures should be filled as zeros.

Since there are now up to three files created each month, these are put into a sub-folder for that month in the ir-File location specified in Tools > Options. They are also zipped up into a single file so that only a single file needs to be transferred to Inland Revenue instead of three.

Have more than one payroll?

The files from all the payrolls will be in the one zip file, further reducing the time required to do your end of month payroll processing.

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