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Integration with AccountRight v19 defaulting back to the 'Other' option


If you're integrating Payroll with your accounting software, and the Payroll Options window defaults back to the Other optiondespite you selecting the AccountRight v19 option, then selecting the AccountRight company file—follow the steps below to resolve the issue.



This problem can be caused by a corrupt Payroll configuration file on your computer. We have attached a replacement file to the bottom of this support note.

Resolving the issue

  1. Close Payroll.
  2. Click the file attached to the bottom of this page ( If prompted, choose to save the file to your desktop.

    Depending on your web browser and the compression software your computer uses, e.g. WinZip, the downloaded ZIP file may open automatically.

  3. If the downloaded ZIP file doesn't open automatically, double-click to open it. The ZIP file contains a single file called pr_Conns.dbf
  4. Extract or copy the pr_Conns.dbf file to the following location (where *your Payroll folder* refers to your applicable Payroll folder, e.g. Payroll 1, Payroll 2, etc.):
    C:\Users\Public\Data\MYOB\Payroll\*your Payroll folder*
  5. If prompted, to replace the existing file, accept the replacement.
  6. Open MYOB Payroll and you will now be able to successfully setup the AccountRight v19 integration.


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