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Error: "Invalid Company File Code" when activating Payroll


If you encounter an 'Invalid Company File Code' error when activating your Payroll software, you can fix this by downloading and running a register.bat file, restarting your computer. You will then be able to activate Payroll.


To download and run the register.bat file
  1. Close Payroll.
  2. To determine whether you're using a 32- or 64-bit version of Windows, simultaneously press the Windows and Pause keys on your keyboard.
    Alternatively, click
    Start > Settings > System > About.
    The displayed window will tell you whether your Windows version is 32- or 64-bit.

  3. Right-click the appropriate file and save it to your Desktop.

    • If your Windows version is 32-bit, use the register32.bat file.

    • If your Windows version is 64-bit, use the register64.bat file.

  4. Right-click the downloaded file and choose Run as administrator.
  5. At the prompt, press any key to continue.

    MS DOS

  6. When the process is finished, close the two open windows.

  7. Restart your computer. You will be able to now successfully activate Payroll.



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