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Error: "Connection to server or another computer is blocked" when integrating Payroll with AccountRight


If you have set up your Payroll software to integrate with an AccountRight company file in a network library, you may get a message similar to the following:

Messages like this can occur if the firewall software on the computer where your AccountRight network company file is stored is blocking the data being transferred between Payroll and AccountRight. To fix this, you'll need to configure the firewall software to allow the data to transfer.

Depending on the firewall software you use, the way you do this will vary. The steps below describe how to configure Windows Firewall (the firewall software that comes with Windows). If you use different firewall software, you'll need to refer to the firewall software's documentation or seek the assistance of an IT professional.


To configure Windows Firewall
  1. Click the Windows Start button and type "firewall" in the search box.
    Or open File Explorer, click Search and choose This PC, then type "firewall" in the search box.

  2. In the list of displayed results, click Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

    The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window appears.
  3. Right-click Inbound Rules > New Rule.

    The New Inbound Rule Wizard appears.
  4. Select the Port option then click Next.
  5. In the Protocol and Ports window"
  • Select the TCP option.
  • Select the Specific local ports option.
  • Enter the port value. By default, this should be 8080 unless a different port number was specified when the API was installed.
  • Click Next.
  • Select the Allow the connection option, then click Next.
  • On the following window keep the default options selected, then click Next.
  • Enter a Name for the rule, for example "MYOB", then click Finish.
  • Your Payroll software can now successfully integrate with the AccountRight company file stored in the network library.

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