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Employee leave details don't match Employee Holidays report


You can force Payroll to recalculate the leave balance by adjusting the Next Holiday Anniversary Date by one day (either forward or backward) and then changing it back to the original date.


Adjusting Next Holiday Anniversary Date
  1. Go to the Maintenance command centre and click Maintain Employees.
  2. Select the relevant employee.
  3. Click the Leave Details tab.
  4. Change the date in the Next Holiday Anniversary Date field, then change it back to the original date.

This forces Payroll to recalculate the annual leave as at the last anniversary and the leave taken since the anniversary date.

Once this change has been made, you will need run the Employee/Pay Code (Summary) to check the gross earnings since the last anniversary date to make sure the figures are correct.

To do this, go to the Reports menu and choose Period Reports, then choose by Employee/Pay Code (Summary).

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