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Windows 2022 PayGlobal Online login solutions

Over 2023 the PayGlobal Online Platform team have been working to replace the current remote desktop infrastructure used to access PayGlobal Online with a resilient, highly available solution on a modern operating system. In recent years we have had outages related to this infrastructure, which has driven us to include enhancements that will enable us to maintain service continuity, even in the face of server failures. A modern operating system also provides benefits such as improved security, performance, and stability.

What has changed?

From a user perspective, there are no changes to functionality or UI. These changes are purely designed to make accessing PayGlobal more reliable, secure, and performant.

At an infrastructural level, we are not moving away from Remote Desktop hosting and are replacing all current servers and implementing high availability at the Gateway and Remote Desktop Connection Broker points. All new infrastructure is built as infrastructure as code (using AWS CDK) and improves our ability to respond to server failures by simply redeploying the code.

This page documents common problems and solutions that you might come across when connecting to the new Windows 2022 PayGlobal Online gateway portal.
You can login to the new environment with existing credentials at the following website -

Page cannot be displayed

 If you are unable to navigate to new environment website, please find your external internet facing IP address and send it to the support team via an authorised contact so that it can be whitelisted on the new online Firewall.
Ask the IT team to supply the IP address or address range as there may be more than one to whitelist.

For more information, see PayGlobal Online - IP Address Whitelisting.

Nothing happens when you click on the downloaded RDP

If you download the RDP and are unable to run it, you may need to right-click on it to view Properties and Unblock it. Simply tick the checkbox and click Ok before trying again.

Disable UDP to fix various connection issues. E.g. PayGlobal doesn't load

There is currently a bug with Windows 10/11 and Windows 2022 Remote Desktop Deployments. The main symptom of this bug is that ‘When clicking on the .RDP file in your downloads, or from your browser window, no login box/connection is created.’

You can test if you are experiencing this bug, by going to the task manager, in the processes tab, under Background processes, ending the ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ and ‘RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Runtime’ background processes in Task Manager. If you can now open your .RDP file, then you are affected by this issue.

Your internal IT team can resolve this issue by applying a group policy change or changing a registry key on all machines of users who use PayGlobal online in your organization. Please pass this on to your IT team.

To do this, you need to set the fClientDisableUDP REG_DWORD on Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\Client to 1 (to disable UDP)

You can also achieve the same fix via Group Policy.

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client > Turn off UDP on client - Enabled

Unable to print

Please ensure you select one of the redirected printers to print to.

Printing issue Remote Desktop on MacOS Sonoma 14.0

Unable to print from Remote Desktop after upgrading to MacOS v14 (Sonoma) macOS has removed the functionality for converting PostScript and EPS files to PDF format.

There was a problem connecting to the remote resource (Zscaler)

If your organization uses Zscaler, multiple customers have reported that it interferes with accessing PayGlobal Online. When the launch the RDP, an error appears "There was a problem connecting to the remote resource."

The IT team needs to add * into the SSL Bypass policy in Zscaler policy for all Payglobal users. If already there, please try adding *

To confirm if Zscaler is in use there and causing the connection problem, navigate to the following webpage and it will tell you -

Remote logins are currently disabled

If you receive the following error message, it means that additional remote servers are currently starting and will be available shortly. Please try to login again in 5 minutes.

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