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PayGlobal Online - IP Address Whitelisting

For security reasons, a static IP address is required for each site from which you require access to PayGlobal Online Services. This could be a range of IP address if there is multiple locations.
These fixed addresses shall be added to an access control list of sites allowed to access the environment for the PayGlobal application.

Working from Office

Your IT team will provide the office fixed (static) IP addresses for the PayGlobal Online DevOps team to whitelist.
If there is any problems connecting to the PayGlobal Online Access Portal when working from the office, please check with your IT team to confirm there has been no IP address changes.

Working from Home or Travelling

PayGlobal Online only allow connections from known locations with a fixed IP address.  However, the PayGlobal Online team has relaxed the requirement for a fixed IP addresses during the pandemic and have decided to allow users to connect even if the IP address is dynamic.

The options available to you moving forward are:

1.  Setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to tunnel traffic through your work location. Then you can launch PayGlobal from anywhere as long as you are connected to the VPN first.
2.   You can provide us with your home IP address and we will whitelist it. However, if this IP addresses changes, you will need to provided us with the new IP address.
3.   You can ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a fixed IP address for us to whitelist.

Regarding option 1, your IT team can speak to the VPN vendor provider if the web traffic is not tunneling through work.
Regarding option 2, the online team has relaxed their requirement for fixed IP addresses to allow users to work from home.

To find the home external IP address, users can go to Google and search for “What is my IP?”.

Please note - we need your External internet facing IP address.

If the IP address is within any of the following address ranges, it is an Internal IP address and cannot be whitelisted. – – –

Known problems / fixes

Problem: Users can browser to PayGlobal Online Access Portal then experience an error once they launch PayGlobal. Error connecting to resource resource.

Zscaler: Click on this link to check if you are connecting through Zscaler -
Fix: IT team will need to add * into an SSL Bypass policy in for all PayGlobal users.

Fix: Add the domain (* to bypass to allow for certificate pinning in the steering configuration.

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