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Payroll fundamentals manuals

Introduction to Payroll

This introductory manual explains the Payroll environment using instructions to guide you through basic tasks:

  • Navigating

  • Viewing and editing

  • Grid reports

  • Queries

  • Modelling records and fields.

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Standard Pay Processing

This manual follows a typical payroll process and it explains how to complete the following procedures:

  • Opening a standard pay.

  • Accessing and using Transaction View.

  • Adding and editing allowance, deduction and permanent transactions.

  • Processing a standard pay.

  • Running the Pay Period Calculation Listing report.

  • Closing a standard pay

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Manual Pay Processing

This manual uses examples of common manual pay processes and it explains how to complete the following procedures:

  • Opening a manual pay.

  • Adjusting manual pay accumulators.

  • Adding and editing bonus, irregular and termination transactions.

  • Processing a manual pay.

  • Closing a manual pay.

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Transaction View Customisation

This manual explains how to customise Transaction View by changing the data displayed using queries, sorting, grouping, and filters. It also covers customising the layout by adding columns and toolbars, resizing areas and columns, and saving customised layouts.

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Primary Reports

This manual explains how to use Local Folders for reports, and use the Pay Period Calculation Listing, Direct Credit Schedule and payslip reports.

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Using Rates

Rates are divided into standard rates and derived default rates. This manual explains both rate categories and shows how they are derived and used.

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General Periods

This manual explains the contents of the General Periods folder. It also shows how to use the Period Calendars Creation Tool to quickly and easily set up a complete period calendar for a taxation year.

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