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Filtering report groups

To filter out a report group from access, you'll need to create a query that excludes the report group.

1. To create a query that excludes a report group

This example creates a Report Group Query that excludes the payslip report group.

  1. Go to Reports > Report Groups > View Queries.
  2. Insert a new query. For example, NOPAYSLIP.
  3. To add the clause to exclude the payslip group(s), you need to save the query and then edit it again.
  4. After saving the query, click Edit.
  5. Select No restrictions and press Enter on your keyboard.

  6. In the Fields window, select Report group and click OK.

  7. In the Operators window, select is not equal to and click OK.

  8. Select the PAYSLIPS report group and click Select.

    Your query will look like this:

2. To adjust a security profile to include the query
  1. Open the user’s Security Profile, Edit and Add the query against report groups.
  2. Go to Report > Report Groups do the following

    1. Add the new query to Security Query field

    2. Change the Access Level to VIEW

    3. Save and Close.

    This stops the user from changing any of the other report groups to add the payslip report. They can still edit report settings and change destination, format, etc.

    These changes will affect everyone on the same security profile

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