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Common Pay Process Errors



A termination transaction must be entered so pay can be processed successfully for a terminated employee.If you are supposed to be paying a terminated employee, you need to add the Termination Allowance into the pay. This could be allowance code X or some other code specific to your database.
No last full pay found for marginal tax calculation.Tax at marginal rates: Normal gross earnings .00, using calculation method LF (last full pay sequence = 0).Normal gross earnings were automatically calculated.Open the Pay Header (Day's worked transaction) and either select a different pay, use Average Earnings or Use Override Gross and add an Override Gross amount.
Entity “PayGlobal.Business.Appointment” has an invalid date range. Start date is 1/7/2019 and end date is 30/6/2019Edit the employee’s Appointment record and amend the dates correctly.
A direct credit deduction for this Employee has an empty bank account for this pay

There is a deduction set up with “Direct Credit” YES that does not have a bank account in the deduction in the pay. You need to open the deduction and add the bank account.



  • ERROR Zero proof failure in one or more employee pays
  • ERROR These pays must be corrected before a final process.
  • ERROR Pay processing procedures UNSUCCESSFUL
The “Zero proof failure processing pay sequence” is normally caused by Employee details were changed after the pay was opened. Delete the employee from the pay and re-process. This should resolve the issue.
  • ERROR Other open pays were found for this employee that are not linked to termination payments. Please process and close the other pays first, or delete the transactions in them for the employee.
  • ERROR Pay processing procedures UNSUCCESSFUL
  1. Use the Delete Employee from Pay Sequence function as they are being terminated in a separate pay.
  2. Delete employee from Pay Sequence
  3. Do not re-process the Standard Pay until the manual pay is closed.
  • ERROR Error running pay processing datamodule
  • ERROR Error is Cannot locate associated Award item belonging to AwardRate with ID of '956'. (AssociationResolutionException)
  • ERROR Pay processing procedures UNSUCCESSFUL
This might occur if some Award Rates had been sychonised in with an Incorrect Award code to attach it to. You need to remove the Rates that are not attached to an award. Check Organisation / Entitlements / Award Rates for records with a blank Award Code.
  • ERROR Cost centre '322' expired on 02/07/2017.
    Processing 1234567 John Doe
  • ERROR Cost centre '8718' expired on 02/07/2017.
  • ERROR Some costcentres and/or jobcodes have expired
  • ERROR (when compared to the period ending date of this pay sequence)
  • ERROR Pay processing procedures UNSUCCESSFUL
You will need to remove the Expiry Date on the CostCentre record in the CostCentre table.
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