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2023.3 Release notes

The 2023.3 release helps keep your data and information more secure, improves Greentree's performance and adds a new tax treatment code for Australian companies. We've also addressed a range of issues identified in previous versions.

To get the benefit of some security improvements in this release, your MYOB Partner or IT department need to take extra steps. For more details, see the Jade 2022 and Improved eModules security sections.

New features

(Australia) New tax treatment code for working holiday makers

You now have more options when setting up employees whose Income Type is set to Working Holiday Makers.

All the new options are on the Tax Config tab of the HR Employee Maintenance form:

  • In the Category field, we've added ATO-Defined.
  • In the Options field, we've added Death Beneficiaries, Downwards Variation and Non-Employee.
Sending emails from an application server

For improved security, you can now send client emails from an application server instead of directly from a user's computer. To enable this option, select the new Send client email via application server checkbox on the Emailing Preferences tab of the General System Preferences or Company Maintenance form.

Jade 2022

The 2023.3.0 release of Greentree upgrades its Jade platform from Jade 2020 to Jade 2022, ensuring it's on a supported version.

The Jade platform will be updated as part of the Greentree package update process.

If you're an MYOB partner, see our Jade 2022 upgrade PDF for detailed instructions on doing the upgrade.
Improved eModules security

To make eModules more secure, we've retired a component called MS SOAP 3.0, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. This applies to all eModules:

  • eApprovals
  • eRequisitions
  • eCRM
  • eService
  • eTimesheets
  • eHR.

To benefit from improved eModule security

We've re-released all eModules, which means the eModules files need to be replaced. Either your MYOB Partner or someone from your IT department needs to:

  • Replace the files on your IIS server.
  • Remove MS SOAP from your IIS server machine using the Apps & Features function in Settings in Windows.
Other improvements
  • Reports for all modules now take up much less space in the AHDATA.dat database file. This change also gives a small boost to performance.
  • We've changed how serial/lot items are allocated to suspense during location transfers. The allocation process now applies the destination to inward transfers, which are no longer shown on the table on the IN Serial Lot Suspense Allocation form. Instead, the new Location To column shows the destination, such as suspense, on outward transfers.
  • Greentree now takes less time to write exception details to a file.
  • Greentree now takes less time to generate the AR Audit Trail report.
  • To help you troubleshoot email problems, the email test function on General System Preferences has been extended to give an option to send email directly or via the email task queue. See our Email Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

Resolved issues

Greentree Desktop
Issue IDsDescription
N/AWhen resizing the Email Template Maintenance and Add to Email Queue forms, different sections of the form could overlap each other. This has been resolved.
00012925After changing a purchase order job line to a different job, the purchase order was not appearing on the Transactions > Purchase Orders subtab of the Job Maintenance form.  This has been resolved.

For companies that don't use inventory locations, some FREE functions weren't importing all transactions. This has been resolved.

Now, companies that don't use inventory locations can load inventory lines onto sales orders and purchase orders using FREE. The Location field is still mandatory on these formulas – you must select a cell, but you can now select a blank cell.


When running the WebView Balance Sheet report, an error could occur: "An error has occurred (4033) Result of expression overflows Decimal precision." This has been resolved.

When the Job Maintenance form required two rows of tabs, the bottoms of some tables was obscured. This has been resolved.

For MYOB Partners Make sure any JC Job Maintenance customisations still work as expected after this fix.
N/AIf sales order preferences haven't been set up for a user, they'd get a 1090 error when opening the Sales Order Entry form. This has been resolved.

If you added a PO Purchase Order to an unsaved AP Invoice and then completed, deleted or put the PO on hold, you could save the AP Invoice without any errors. This could result in negative order quantities. This has been resolved.


After allocating a serial lot number item to suspense during a location transfer, you couldn't allocate the correct lot number. This has been resolved. For more details, see Other improvements.

00012614When using the gtPOPurchaseOrder and gtPOPurchaseOrderINLineItem FREE functions, users could enter dates from outside the calendar year in the Document Date and Expected Date fields. This has been resolved.
N/AMinor user interface issues affected multiple forms. For example, some fields could be hidden if you changed a form's size, or some parts of a form might be the wrong colour. These have been resolved.
00013045After running the Change the 'Use Locations' flag in the IN Module Control system script, error 1090 could occur on several forms, and all objects linked to a stock location (e.g., IN, SO and PO line items) were deleted. This has been resolved.
00011498For companies with Quad Accounting enabled, using the Complete Outstanding Receipts form wasn't creating a InterQuad transaction. This has been resolved.
00013051If the general ledger account for a payment was made inactive, cancelling a cheque for that payment could create an out-of-balance general ledger batch. This has been resolved.
00012917After opening a form from the Customer Maintenance form, some buttons that should be on the toolbar weren't there. This occurred if the customer's default branch is different to the default branch on the AR Module Control form. This has been resolved.
00012884When clicking on the Web icon in a masterfile, an error could occur: "Message: Value does not fall within the expected range. Target: Navigate Source: Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core Inner exception:". This has been resolved.
00012866If you entered a pay for a cashing up transaction type, then the Narration column on the Balances tab of the HR Employee Maintenance Form referred to the transaction as cashing up for annual leave, even if it wasn't for annual leave. This has been resolved.
00012777In Desktop Designer, if you set the Sales Person Filter to <Mine>, there were several issues: when the workflow desk was loaded, the table was empty; the filter overlapped the clever table heading; the background colour wasn't showing; the Show Stage Filter setting wasn't showing. These have been resolved.
00013053If an approval and alert (A&A) rule triggered an email to be sent, an error could occur: "SMTP error: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed.." This has been resolved. For more details, see Sending emails from an application server.
00012874When using the gtPOPurchaseOrderJCLine FREE function to update job costing lines to have zero percent or amount for tax or discount, an error could occur: "?ERROR Need at least a tax amount and percentage or a discount amount and percentage Do you wish to continue?" This has been resolved.
00012933If you clicked Create AP Credit Note on an AP invoice line, the general ledger postings could be incorrect. This has been resolved.
00012895It could take a long time for Greentree to generate the AR Audit Trail report. This has been improved.

When Auditing for job cost is turned on, saving a job where the site address contains a country name longer than 30 characters caused an error: "An error has occurred (1035) String too long." This has been resolved. You can now use country names up to 50 characters long.


If you left the AP Invoice Entry and PO Receipt Entry forms open, then changed, deleted or put a purchase order on hold, you could still select the purchase order for the AP invoice or PO receipt. This has been resolved.

N/AWhen an invalid date is entered and without tabbing off the field the sales order is saved then invalid date is displayed. Clicking OK on the message was not removing the error message. This has been resolved.
00013088You couldn't click the Email icon on a form's toolbar without first saving and reopening the form. This has been resolved.

A fault in selecting incoming email for EDI by sender’s name has been fixed. The filter now works as expected, excluding emails whose sender’s name does not contain the filter string, regardless of case.

Issue IDsDescription
N/AAfter making changes in some pop-up windows (e.g., IN Trans Type), navigating away from the window could cause errors. This has been resolved.
N/AOn forms with tabs, the tab names could be hard to read. This has been resolved.



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