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Version numbers not changing after an upgrade

Upgrades are released periodically to comply with new legislation, such as changes in tax rates along with introducing enhancements to the software. The upgrade process is run from within the software itself using the Upgrade Software Online option that is found in the Help menu or it can be run manually if required.

Once the upgrade has completed, the Version numbers that appear in the About screen can be checked against the Release Notes to confirm that the upgrade has been successful. If the Version numbers differ from those listed in the Release Notes then the upgrade has not completed correctly. This may have been caused by the download section of the process being interrupted or a copy of the software was open during the upgrade process.

When the Version numbers are incorrect, the following options can be done to update the install:

  • Re-run the Upgrade Online process
  • Download the upgrade install file then manually run the upgrade

The Upgrade Online process is run from the Help menu in the software. If the Upgrade Online process is unable to be run or the Version numbers have not changed then the software will need to be upgraded manually. Below are links to articles where the upgrade files can be downloaded from, Release Notes can be accessed and also contain instructions for manually upgrading.

The Release Notes in the above links contain the Version numbers of the latest version and can be used to confirm the Version numbers after the upgrade has been done.

If the Version numbers have not changed after re-running the Upgrade Online process and doing the manual upgrade process, this might indicate other situations such as a payroll user remains logged in, Payroll software files are still in use or the user does not have sufficient rights.

At this stage follow the suggestions below:

To fix the version numbers
  1. Reboot the pc's of each user to release any Payroll software files marked as in use on those pc's
  2. Ensure no copies of the Payroll software are in use then have the I.T. Administrator close any Payroll software files in use on the server
  3. Re-run the manual upgrade process.

If the version numbers are still incorrect

  1. Locate the Payroll installation folder
  2. Find the Main.exe and Comacc.exe files in the folder
  3. Rename these files, e.g. Main_old.exe and Comacc_old.exe
  4. If the files cannot be renamed, this indicates that they may be in use or that the user login does not have sufficient rights. Assistance from the I.T. staff is recommended at this point.
  5. Once this has been solved and the files have been renamed, repeat the manual upgrade process.
  6. Check the Version numbers to ensure that they have changed and are now showing correctly.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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