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Using EXO Payroll while working from home

As part of business continuity planning, an oganisation might need staff to be able to work from home. This article explains options for users of MYOB Exo Payroll and it's associated modules.

In general terms (see sections below for detailed information):

  • This is a technical issue, and does not relate to the software licence.
  • At present, there is no “Cloud” version of this product. MYOB does have cloud-based Payroll programs for both smaller and larger organisations - moving to one of these would involve migrating data and learning a new “User Interface" (which both take time).
  • A simple option is to copy Exo Payroll to a Windows laptop computer.
  • Using a WAN or VPN might impact performance.
  • For more sophisticated environments, IT staff might be able to provide “Remote Access” to software that already runs from a server.

Moving Exo Payroll to a laptop:

This requires a Laptop running a recent Windows version. Other devices (say with Apple / IOS, Android, or Chrome) are not suitable.
The article linked here explains the process to follow.

Keep in mind this gives an identical but completely separate payroll installation. Data must no longer be edited on the “Office” version (as changes have no way to update between the two).

For users of Time and Attendance, this will not allow polling Time-clocks. In theory this might work if your IT support are able to arrange a VPN connection to the "Office" network - options in the "Remote Access" section might be more suitable.

Backups must somehow be copied to a safe location away from where the laptop is used or stored. Without this, a technical failure, malware infection, or loss of access to the premises would result in complete loss of Payroll data, with no recovery options. Think about saving backups to the laptop, then copy the files to online storage (say Microsoft One-drive or Google Drive).

Using a WAN and/or VPN (this might imact performance):

When Exo Payroll operates over a network (ie used from a "Client" PC connecting to Payroll installed on a "Server"), there is significant communication backwards and forwards over the network. If extended to a WAN / VPN, performance is heavily influenced by the connection speed, and is likely to represent a challenge. In this case, "Remote Access" (ref section below) can be a more appropriate answer.

Remote access to Exo Payroll

This means the software stays on a server in the office, with users at home able to see it's screen and use it’s keyboard over the internet. Setup will need help from your existing IT support. MYOB has no knowledge of your IT environment or what might be practical for you.

Payroll users can be granted “Remote Access” to that server - they need a suitable computer and internet connection, and probably (for security) a VPN. For good performance with multiple users:

  • Best to use “Remote Desktop Services” (formerly Terminal Services) or “Citrix”.
  • Ensure the payroll installation folder (default name is “Payrollv”) exists on the server being accessed.

Another option might be to use “Remote Control” software (TeamViewer is one example) to control the office Payroll computer (which must be left running). Keep in mind:

  • This could be seen as a less robust option where reliable operation depends on the user's skills.
  • The "Office" screen will be visible - we've had reports that disconnecting the screen might lead to errors when using Exo Payroll.
  • The Remote Control software might include options to turn off the screen. Try googling (say) "teamviewer turn off remote screen".

The backup process and use of Time and Attendance remain exactly as from within the office.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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