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Setting up payroll giving deductions (New Zealand)

Payroll Giving provides employees with an option to make donations directly from their pay to approved donee organisations. For every dollar an employee donates, they will receive a third back as a tax credit in the same pay period.

Payroll Giving donations can only be made to donee organisations that have Inland Revenue-approved donee status.

To use Payroll Giving, first it needs to be activated in the Payroll Setup. For further information on activating Payroll Giving Click here.

Once Payroll Giving has been activated, various options and features that relate to Payroll Giving are now available.

Any donee organisations that employees want to make donations to must be set up in MYOB Exo Payroll before any donations can be made. For further information on setting up Payroll Giving Donee Organisations Click here.

To create a payroll giving deduction for each donee organisation
  1. From the Maintenance menu choose Deductions.
  2. Click on Add to add a new deduction. Use the deduction code that is automatically selected or specify the desired code.
  3. Enter a Name that describes the donation, e.g. the name of the donee organisation.
  4. Set the Calculation Method to "Fixed Dollar Amount".
  5. Leave the Amount field as zero (blank).
  6. Set the Type to "Payroll Giving".
  7. If required, enter a General Ledger code.
  8. Select the Payroll Giving Donee that the donations will be made to.
  9. Click Save:F10 or press F10 to save.
    Once the Payroll Giving deductions have been created, they can be added to an employees Standard Pay or Current Pay for processing.

For further information on processing Payroll Giving deductions, click here.

For further information on Payroll Giving impacting on some reports, click here.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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