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Polling a time clock and the progress bar goes beyond 100%

"Polling" a Time clock transfers employee clock in and out times into MYOB Exo Time and Attendance:

  • A "Progress Bar" shows (from 0-100%) how much data has been transferred. When completed the "Poll Time Clock Status" screen is displayed, either saying "OK" or listing any problems.
  • In some circumstances the Progress Bar will go beyond 100% (and perhaps even up to 397%!). The process does not complete so the "Poll Time-clock Status" screen is not displayed and the software appears to "stall".

This situation indicates possible corruption to a file used during the polling process. Below is a process that should fix the affected file.

The following procedure relates only to the situation described above and is best carried out by your IT support. If not followed correctly then further problems are likely to occur.


"Payrollv" is the default name of the folder where Exo Payroll and Exo Time & Attendance are installed. Start by confirming the actual name and location used in your system (via the properties of the start-up icon) and relate that to the description below.

The process involves two files that exist within Payrollv - they are:

  • TTCLTRAN.CDX - this "index" file might have become corrupt in the "problem" Payrollv installation folder. The process creates a new "CDX" file for the existing "DBF" file.

Make a copy of a brand new TTCLTRAN.CDX file. Get this by making a new "Demonstration" installation of Exo Time and Attendance:

The program installation file is available from the MYOB Exo Online Knowledge Base:

  • Click here for New Zealand
  • Click here for Australia

Install on a different PC to avoid interfering with existing Time and Attendance software.

The "CDX" file will be created when the program is first run.

To repair a time clock
  1. Everything below relates to the "problem" Payrollv installation folder. Ensure nobody has the software open and make a backup copy of this entire Payrollv folder before going further.
  2. Copy the "new" TTCLTRAN.CDX (refer to the information in "Preparation" above) into the "problem" Payrollv installation folder, and over-write the original file.
  3. Copy both files (TTCLTRAN.DBF and CDX) from the "problem" Payrollv installation folder into the "Database" sub-folder (this folder is used by the default "Demonstration Company").
  4. Log into the Demonstration Company and run a File Reindex (via the Utilities menu).
  5. Move both files back (from the Database sub-folder) into the "problem" Payrollv installation folder and over-write the original files.
  6. Try Polling and see if issue is resolved.

    When "Polling" a Time-clock, all of the employee's clocking information is transferred to MYOB Exo Time and Attendance and then deleted from the clock. The information is stored in a file called "TTCLTRAN.DBF" (shorthand for "Time Trak Clock Transactions"), essentially a list of company and employee card numbers, dates, and times. A second file "TTCLTRAN.CDX" provides an index so that data can be saved and found more quickly. A damaged "Index" file will not cause loss of data, but can prevent access to that information. The above process replaces and recreates a damaged Index file.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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