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Known issue (resolved): Leave balances decreasing twice when pay updated (New Zealand)

MYOB Exo Support have been receiving calls regarding this situation in the New Zealand release of Exo Employer Services version 2013.01. (Resolved in version 2013.03)


After a pay has been updated, any leave paid in that pay are found to have been deducted twice from the employee's balances. Notes have also been created for each time the leave has been deducted. Reports such as the Leave Paid report only show the leave once.

A specific workflow sequence has been found to cause an issue with the duplication of leave taken amounts in a One-Off Pay. The following process has been identified as a problem:

  • While creating a One-Off pay, run a Holiday Pay report.
  • Within the same session, either Delete or Finish the One-Off Pay without exiting and re-entering the One-Off Pay.

(If the One-Off Pay session had been exited and re-opened after running the Holiday Pay report but before deleting or updating the One-Off pay, duplication of leave taken amounts would not occur.)


In order to determine if clients have been affected by this issue, please undertake the following:


To check if clients are affected
  1. Run the Notes report (Employees tab) for pays covering the period of April and May. If duplicate notes appear for leave taken for the same date and employee, this would be a strong indication that the issue has occurred. Follow the instructions below to determine if there is leave duplication:
  2. Go to the Reports Menu, Print Reports, Employees tab and select the Notes report.
  3. Enter a date range covering any pays processed since the compliance release was installed.
  4. Look for any leave notes that are duplicating, as below:

To correct any leave duplications, perform the following steps for each affected employee:

  • For affected Holiday Pay leave amounts, open the Employee Details window and go to the Holiday Pay tab. Increase the Outstanding balance to offset the amount of the duplicated leave.
  • For affected Sick Pay and other leave amounts, open the Employee Details window and go to the Sick & Other Leave tab. Increase the Remaining Balance to offset the amount of the duplicated leave.


Service Management Record 12655854881 has been created for this issue and is Resolved in version 2013.03.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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