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Known issue 2019.06: Changing a pay rate "multiplier" affects rate shown on historic payslips

The following issue has been identified and subsequently replicated by MYOB Exo Employer Services Support in Exo Payroll versions 2019.06 for New Zealand and 2019.02 for Australia.


Pay Rate Multipliers allow creating items that provide (say) 1.5x or 2x an employee's Ordinary hourly rate. Payslips display the resulting rate (say $50 for 2x an ordinary rate of $25) together with quantity and resulting "Amount" value.

If a Multiplier is edited (say from 2x to 3x), re-printing payslips for prior periods will show a "Rate" based on the current multiplier. Continuing the above example, payslip would them show rate of $75 instead of $50 (that would have shown on original payslip).

The "Amount" (and all other payslip values) are not changed.


Keep in mind option to create new Multipliers instead of changing existing items.


This issue has been progressed through to Product Management via parent ticket 172854035832 for resolution in a future

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You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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