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Cannot poll BundyPlus time clock from a new computer

This article applies to clients who are using "MYOB Exo Time and Attendance" together with one or more "BundyPlus" Time clocks. The information is useful in a specific set of circumstances as follows:

  • The problem relates to "Polling" - no times are downloaded from the clock(s) and the "Poll Time Clock Status" screen displays "Results file was not created" or perhaps another error message (instead of the normal "OK").
  • This happens when using the software from a new PC or a different PC than normally used.
  • "Time and Attendance" is installed on a server and, apart from Polling, works normally from the new PC.
  • The "ClockComms" program is not already running.

If the BundyPlus "ClockComms" program is running, Time and Attendance will not be able to poll:

  • The "Poll Timeclock Status" screen will display "Results file was not created. There may be…".
  • "ClockComms" is used for adding and testing BundyPlus Time clocks and should always be closed after use, OR;

If the Payroll and Time and Attendance software has been moved or reinstalled:

  • This probably indicates a different issue, where "ClockComms" needs to be reinstalled along with time clock and polling settings.
  • This is beyond the scope of this article.

The above circumstances indicate the PC being used does not have files installed that enable communication with BundyPlus Time clocks.

The objective is to install the "ClockComms" program (which adds "DLL" files to the PC concerned) then rename or delete the new program folder (to avoid it being confused with the existing installation). The files that enable Polling and communication with BundyPlus Time clocks will remain installed on the PC.

To poll BundyPlus time clock from a new computer
  1. Find the installation file for the MYOB Version of "ClockComms". This is available from either the CD packaged with the BundyPlus Time-clock or can download from links in the appropriate Time-clock article below. In an environment with multiple clock types, use the version for the most recent clock:
    BundyPlus G6 time clock 2011 version documents and manuals.
    BundyPlus G6 time-clock 2015 version documents and manuals
    BundyPlus G8 time-clock 2020 version documents and manuals
  2. From the PC used to access "Time and Attendance":
    1. Ensure Time and Attendance is closed.
    2. Run the "ClockComms" installation file.
    3. Accept the License Agreement.
    4. At the "Select Destination Location" screen, make a note of the location. The path will default to the local drive of the pc, e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\BundyPlus".

      If the location says something like "P:\Payrollv\BundyPlus" then stop! This indicates that you might be about to overwrite an existing folder that is part of your server installation. Instead, use the "Browse" button to set to the location shown above.
    5. Do NOT select Create Desktop or Quick Launch icons
    6. Let the program install - at the end of installation, do not run or start the program (as this triggers the time clock setup wizard, not required in this situation).
  3. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the installation location (eg "C:\Program Files (x86)\BundyPlus") and either rename (e.g. Old_BundyPlus) or delete the BundyPlus folder that has just been created.

    Be careful not to rename or delete an existing folder that is part of the Payroll installation.
  4. Now close any screens left open from the above process, start the "Time and Attendance" software and try polling the time clocks.

    If ClockComms then shuts down on trying to poll or execute commands, this might relate to having a mix of the latest (8.nn.nn) and earlier versions installed. In this case the simplest option is to move entirely to the latest version.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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