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Possible causes of an imbalance in the GLInvReconciliationException.clr report

If you are experiencing issues with your Stock Reconcilliation Exception report please check if the following recognised issues for possible causes.

The following issue has been identified and replicated in all releases of EXO from version 7.4.0 onwards.

  • Negative stock levels- When your stock is in negative, the next time you receipt stock in, the average cost for that item becomes whatever the unit price is on the receipt.
  • There is a known issue with the stock movement screen that would cause an imbalance.
    Refer to the following ticket: #38572 Known issue (resolved): Error 1806 when upgrading standalone EXO Time and Attendance installs (New Zealand)
  • Check for unposted transactions and ensure they're posted to the correct period
  • Print out stock reports and reconcile against GL to find differences
  • Print out adjustments listings and check the adjustments accounts
  • Check that journals have not been posted to the control accounts
  • If they're running perpetual stock this ExoConfig > Profile should be ticked :-'Prevent processing to negative stock levels'
  • Check if transactions have been posted into prior periods. Attached to Problem Ticket 114003854513 to be resolved in a future release

8.5.- 8.6. saw some changes which generated some issues causing out of balance:

  • Stock variance GL Posting identified in 8.6
  • Stock Trans records duplicating

Both were resolved in 8.6.1.

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