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Error: "Field 'PHRASETEXT' is of an unsupported type" when using common phrases

This error can show when using the common phrases dialogue.

When you get this error you won't be able to use common phrases, as your list items will be replaced by the term (WIDEMEMO).

The error is caused by an incorrect data type in the on of the data tables. Contact your MYOB Exo certified consultant so they can fix it following the process below.

Fix the PHRASETEXT error

To fix the error, change the data type for the PHRASE TEXT column in the COMMON_PHRASES table to the correct value, VARCHAR(4000).

About common phrases

Common phrases is a a library of text snippets you can create and choose from when entering notes. To use the feature, press Ctrl+' (apostrophe) in a field that supports it, such as history notes.

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