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Training Courses

MYOB Exo Employee Information lets you record details of the providers of training courses that your organisation uses, and the Training Courses that your employees attend.

To set up Training Courses, select Training > Training Courses from the Maintenance menu. A list of courses appears. Click Add to create a new course, or select an existing course and click Select to edit it. Training Courses are added and edited using the following window:

Course Details

Alpha Code Enter in a short code for the course. The code can be alphabetical or numerical, or a combination of both with up to 10 characters.

Name Enter the full name of the course.

Provider Select the Training Provider that offers this course.

Training Type Select the type of training. Click the

button to open a window listing all types, where new types can be added. You are also able to edit or delete any of the existing types.

Course Description Enter descriptive information about the course.

Course Objective Describe the objectives of the course.

Prerequisites Enter any prerequisites for the course, e.g. attendees may be required to have completed the beginners and intermediate course prior to the commencement of an advanced course.

Required Material Enter details of any material that is required for these courses.

Other Details

Automatically Reassign Training

If the course is one that should be undertaken on a regular basis, then you can set the course to be automatically reassigned at the required intervals.  

To use this option, tick the Automatically Reassign training option, then specify how regularly you need to assign the course. You will also need to select what the anniversary is based on e.g. specific date, employee start date etc.

To be automatically reminded that the course will be due again, tick the Reminder due option and specify when you want to be reminded.

Training Review Details Enter the training review details, e.g. are you required to get updated information for the course.

Course Schedule Enter the course schedule if applicable.

Key Points Enter any key points.

Duration Select the duration of the course. Click the

button to open a window listing all possible durations, where new durations can be added. You are also able to edit or delete any of the existing durations.

Course Value Enter the course value in dollars and cents. Remember to be consistent when adding information relating to the course value; make a decision on whether course values entered will be inclusive or exclusive of GST.

User Defined

The User Defined tab contains extra generic fields that may be used to customise your data. You can rename some of the "User Defined" fields, and use them to track information that may not have been included in the set screens provided with the system.

With User Defined Fields you can extend the power of the Exo Employee Information system to record items of interest that are not otherwise covered elsewhere.

The following types of User Defined Field are available:

  • Logical - Place a tick in the box to turn on a logical field.
  • Date - Enter a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Text - Enter a short comment here.
  • Memo - Enter a long comment or description here. It can run over several lines.

To give a meaningful name to a field, double-click on the "User Defined" name; this will make the caption editable.

Provider Details

These details are filled in automatically, based on the Training Provider selected on the Course Details tab. They can be altered manually if necessary.


Training Courses can be assigned to Positions and/or Employee Groups, meaning that they will be assigned to any employees that hold one of those positions or belong to one of those groups.

NOTE: Training Courses can also be assigned to employees on an individual basis.

To assign the training course to positions and/or Employee Groups, click the Select button in the appropriate area, which displays the available positions/groups:

All unassigned positions/groups are listed on the left; all positions/groups that the training course is assigned to are listed on the right. You can click on items and drag them from one list to the other.

> Moves the selected item to the list on the right.

>> Moves all items to the list on the right.

< Moves the selected item from the list on the right back to the main list.

<< Moves all items from the list on the right back to the main list.


This tab stores notes and reminders for actions relating to the training course.

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