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Timesheet Reports

Reports detailing timesheet batches and/or templates can be produced from the Report page.

Select reporting options and click Print to produce a report.

Reporting Options



Select a Batch/Template



Select "Batch", "Template" or "All" to filter the Name dropdown by the type of entity you want report on.


Select "Open", "Closed" or "All" to filter the Name dropdown by the batch/template status you want to report on.


Select the specific batch/template to report on.

Select a Group


Show Groups

To report on all groups, select "All"; to specify a group to report on, select "Selected".


If "All" was selected for the Type, this field is not editable; otherwise select the group to report on.

Select an Approval Status



Select "Yes", "No" or "Both" to filter the report by approval status.

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