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STP - Update Cessation Reason for Historical Pays

At the end of each financial year, you must send an STP finalisation declaration for each employee, which includes a cessation reason code for any employees that have been terminated. The format for this data has been changed for STP phase 2.

The Update Cessation Reason for Historical Pays screen lets you update these codes for any employees you have terminated before updating to STP2.

If you try to send a finalisation with the incorrect format, you will get the error "Staff Code: ... - Cessation Reason Code must be one of the following values: V, I, D, R, F, C, or T."

To fix this, select one of the following Cessation Reason Codes for each terminated employee:

  • V: Voluntary
  • I: Ill-health
  • D: Deceased
  • R: Redundancy
  • F: Dismissal
  • C: Contract cessation
  • T: Transfer

Once each employee has a cessation reason, you can try to finalise the STP submission again.

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