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Step One - Set up Import and Export Paths

Select Step One from the Remote Setup Cycle.

This is where you set up the file import and export paths for your site.

Site code The unique code used to identify a site - this needs to be the same as the one set from Head Office.

Site name Enter the name for your new Remote TimeSheet, typically the branch name.

Send wages to this location (Head Office) This is the path that your Remote TimeSheet's pay file will be posted to. Click the Choose [] button to select a folder.

Location to get files sent from Head Office This is the path that the site files (masterfiles) created at head office will be retrieved from (in Step 2 of the Setup Cycle). Click the Choose [] button to select a folder.

Last Update of Payroll data files This field is calculated by the system and will renew to today's date whenever you import a site file from Remote Head Office. Ideally this date should be not be more than a week old.

Click Save or press F10 to save your changes and return to the Setup Cycle.

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