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The Remote Setup Cycle

From the Help menu select Remote Setup Cycle. The following screen appears:

The purpose of Remote Timesheet is to act as a data exchange mechanism for employee data and payroll company rules between the Head Office and its subsidiary branches. The intent is to reduce the workload at Head Office.

  • The responsibility of processing the payroll and ensuring its accuracy is taken away from the Head Office and placed on the clerk at the Remote Timesheet. The pay can be checked and verified at the Remote Timesheet without the Head Office clerk having to get involved with queries or disputes over the authenticity of the data.

  • The data entry can be done by a clerk at the Remote Timesheet, which has a natural benefit of the clerk being in close proximity to the workers and their supervisors.

  • Optionally, the data entry can be done by the workers themselves, as the jobs are completed. This is known as "kiosking mode" whereby the employee has their own login name and password and has restricted access to data entry only.

All of the site information is collated and imported into the Current Pay in MYOB Exo Payroll – Exo Payroll's powerful reporting system is still retained and keeps track of all Remote Timesheet activity.

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