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Step One - Company Setup

Select Step One from the Setup Cycle. The Company setup section identifies the company and its employee group structure.

Employer Details Enter the details of the company name, address, suburb, city, state, postcode and the company's ABN Number.

Default employee order When scrolling through your employee masterfile or pay screens you can either scroll through in alphabetical or numeric staff code order. Click on the order you wish to use as your default.

User-Defined Click these buttons to set the name and caption of the two User Defined buttons that appear on the Other tab of the Employee Maintenance window. User-Defined information is free-form - it can be any type of information that you may want to keep.

Employee Group Structure

This determines the overall breakdown of Employee Group Codes, their field sizes and number of sub-groups, which will be available when adding your employee groups masterfile. The employee groups structure is based on a number which can be made up of a maximum of 12 digits broken down into up to four separate levels.

The structure that you put in place here determines how the employee groups are set up. Operators that are familiar with the Cost Centre structure in MYOB Exo Payroll will see the similarities in this area.

In the screenshot above, the structure that is being used is as follows:

Area - 1 digit

Location - 1 digit

This means that Employee Group Codes will consist of two digits: the first indicates the group's area (e.g. 1 = Auckland, 2 = Wellington, 3 = Christchurch), and the second indicates its location (e.g. 1 = Admin, 2 = Sales, 3 = Warehouse). This would mean that a code of 12 would indicate the Auckland Sales group and the code for the Christchurch Administration group would be 31.

In most cases the employee group structure may reflect the department set up in the payroll.

The purpose of the employee group structure is to group employees together, so that when assigning training, skills, jobs and tasks you are able to assign these using your employee groups. The ideal is that the employees are grouped to reflect similar requirements e.g. a lot of the training requirements for the Administration department would be similar in skill and knowledge requirements etc. So it would make sense to group your administration team together.

Before setting up your employee groups have a look through the system to see where the employee groups are used i.e. the allocating of training etc. to get an idea of how to set your structure up based on your requirements.

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