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In Demonstration Mode the system will allow one month of trial use before requiring registration. Once you have contacted your MYOB Account Manager or local MYOB Distributor to arrange purchase of the software, you will be incorporated into our MYOB Customer Database and provided with your unique registration file.

Please keep this file safe, as it is used for reapplying the registration should you decide to reinstall the software.

To register your software, select Registration from the Company Selection window. You will see the currently installed modules, and the registration status for each.

Video Help is available for this topic on the EXO Employer Services Education Centre. Clicking the How To Register - FAQ link opens the article "How does product registration work in Exo Employer Services software?" on the Exo Knowledge Base.

Company Contact Details

This section displays contact information for your company. Before you send registration information to MYOB please update your contact details if they have changed, so that we can stay on touch with you. The contact person is particularly important to us, as it is the most likely to change.

Registration Contact Details

This section displays contact details for MYOB or for your MYOB Enterprise Solutions Business Partner. These details also appear on the About window.

Registering Products

The Products grid displays all products you are licensed to use, along with their installation dates, licence expiry dates, licence limits and registration statuses. The Type column displays the current registration status:

  • DEMO - a demonstration site
  • NEW - a newly installed site that hasn't yet been registered
  • LIVE - a successfully registered site

You can select a product and click the History button to show historical registration information for that product, including the number of employees at each pay frequency and details of each pay recorded during the licensing period.

Automatic Registration

As you approach the end of your current registration period, the system will try to update your registration automatically via the same process that occurs when you click Register Online. If your licence fee for the year has been paid, this will succeed without you having to do anything - the new registration details will be retrieved and applied as you log in to EXO Employer Services. If automatic registration isn't an option, you can manually register your products from the Registration Details window, as detailed below.

Register Online

Clicking the Register Online button attempts to register all products in one operation by using your Internet connection to query your MYOB account status and send new registration codes directly to your software, rather than having to enter one.

If the online registration process is successful, your product registration will be set forward another year - the Expiry Date will refresh when the operation is complete.

Registering Manually

If you aren't able to use an Internet connection, or if the online registration attempt fails, you can generate a report containing your registration details and send it to MYOB yourself, then enter the new details manually for each product once they're sent back to you. Click Email to generate a copy of this report and immediately send it to MYOB via email, or click View to view and print a copy, and then send it to MYOB by mail or fax.

Your network must allow traffic on port 587 for the system to be able to send the registration report via email.

To manually register a product

Once you've received the new registration details for each product, enter them manually one-by-one.

  1. From the Products grid, click on the product that you want to register.

  2. Click the Register button, which will open the Registration Details window:

  3. If this is the first time you are registering the product, change the Type from NEW to LIVE. If the Type is already set to LIVE, leave it as it is.

  4. Enter the Registration Code that MYOB sent to you.

  5. Click Save or press F10.

Your system will now be registered for one year's use, commencing from your install date.

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